Why You're Not Getting Results

When January roles around this year, there is going to be a rush of people going to the gym and people who are eating a salad with low fat dressing and chicken breast for lunch and dinner. After a few weeks when the results don’t happen as fast or as easily as they thought they would, majority of them will fall out of the habit and go back to what they did in the past. This is one of the toughest things to see as a coach. Why? Because majority of these people won’t address some of the biggest factors affecting their goal. Think about it, if you go to the gym 6-7 days a week for an hour workout, you are making a habit change that affects 6-7 hours out of your week. What are you doing with the other time you are not in the gym?

If you have “done it all” or are cutting calories and crushing yourself in the gym to not get results, then listen up! There is a chance there is another issue at play and as boring as it may be, or hard to change, lifestyle factors are playing a role in your progress.

“I work harder than that person and I am still not at my goal…”

“I eat one bad meal and I gain 5lbs!”

These are some of the things I thought when I was stuck. The reality is, I wasn’t taking into account how important of a role stress was playing in all of this. I was crushing it with my workouts and doing crossfit style programming several days a week, I was waking up early a few times a week to train clients, I was rarely attending yoga or doing any sort of movement recovery, I was mentally hard on myself and negative self talk took place way more often than positive, and I had just lost my Dad one year prior and still in the thick of dealing with the grieving process. Yikes. When you are in the middle of not getting results it can be challenging to take a step back and look at all the factors playing a role into your progress, or lack thereof.

When the correct lifestyle factors are applied, results happen. Read that again. This means the correct workouts based off your goal and current life stressors, proper nutrition habits, stress management, and sleep/recovery. If you are not achieving results, chances are one of these factors are not being addressed or something in your plan needs to change. Also, just because something worked in the past does not mean it will work again. Were your stressors the same the last time it worked? Were kids in the picture? You cannot expect to do the same workout and meal plan you did at 22 now that you’re 32 and get the same results.

Through the next 5 weeks I will be uncovering the details with some of the factors you need to address as we head into January so this year you really can make the “New Year, New You” statement true. These factors include:

  1. Movement

  2. Quality nutrition

  3. Stress management

  4. Environmental influences

  5. Sleep/recovery

If you have been at a point where you haven’t seen results and don’t know why, or you are ready to make a change. Follow along with me over the next 5 weeks! We will turn over many of the everyday factors that have been affecting your goal.

If you have personal struggles you are looking for the answer to, I would love to support. Reach out to me here.

WellnessBrooke Rozmenoski