Five Healthy Gifts for the Holidays

It feels like every year there is a new fitness gadget coming out that is supposed to help you work on your fitness. The reality is some of these things can be a big waste of money and usually end up in a storage closet by March. None of these tools will offer you a quick fix and any tool that does is just a big liar.

Through my experience, I have come up with the top 5 things I believe are important to invest in for yourself (outside of a gym membership) when it comes to taking steps towards long term health. The truth is, you still need to do the work no matter what you invest in. Healthy is a daily choice. These tools are things we use daily in our home and they will certainly aide you in your path to a healthier life, too!

  1. Activity tracker: The impact of taking a daily walk is underestimated and NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) is a pretty important thing that gets overlooked in today’s world. Between food and grocery delivery services, drive thru Starbucks, and even online fitness programs that allow you to work out in the convenience of your home, we don’t move nearly as much as our bodies need us to. When questioned, even fitness professionals think they move more than they actually do in a day. Wearing an activity tracker can be very humbling and give you some pretty inexpensive accountability to move you closer to your goals. I personally use my iWatch because of the capability to link with my phone and control music when I teach classes, however, Garmin is a well made product and is consistently on top of the industry with activity trackers. I would recommend either option. Link above.

  2. Safer personal care products: I think in today’s times we are all aware that many of our common household and personal products contain chemicals that are known to disrupt our endocrine system. But, what do we switch to? I don’t know about you but having time to make all of my own makeup, skin care, and cleaning products is not happening.

  3. Makeup: Beauty Counter is hands down my favorite. Beauty Counter is on a mission to make safer skincare and beauty that performs like the higher end products many of us are accustomed to. When it comes to makeup, the flawless in five kit is a great gift or indulgence for yourself. It contains everything you need for your everyday makeup and is a great start to swapping to safer beauty.

  4. Deodorant: If you haven’t heard, the ingredients in antiperspirants can be very toxic to your body. Most contain aluminum, parabens, and other chemicals known to cause disruption with hormones. Switching this every day is a cheap place to make a big impact in your health.

  5. Skincare: For the same reasons as makeup and deodorant, swapping your everyday face wash and moisturizer is a great investment to make in your health. If you are over the age of 25, I also suggest getting on a skincare regimen! No skincare regimen will replace what good nutrition and hydration can do for your skin but it absolutely makes a difference.

  6. Ditch the plastic storageNow that you are on a path to a healthier lifestyle my guess is you will be storing some food or even packing a lunch from time to time. There is no better time to invest in swapping the plastic storage for glass. Plastics have been known to cause fertility and reproductive problems, and BPA free plastic doesn’t mean free of dangerous chemicals. A lot of BPA free plastics have replaced the BPA with BPS (bisphenol S), which is also a endocrine disrupting chemical. Switch to glass, girl.

  7. Meditation apps: We are constantly on the go in today’s world and have constant stimulus surrounding us on a daily basis as well as stressors that are with us from sun up to sun down. If yoga on a daily basis isn’t your thing, investing in an app that will support you in disconnecting for 10-15 minutes daily can make a major difference in your stress management as well as your results in the gym. Recovery is crucial for our body AND mind. This can easily be applied during your daily commute, before bed, getting ready in the morning, or instead of watching another episode of the Real Housewives… ahem.

  8. Hire a coachInvesting in yourself (or for someone you love) is something that you will never regret. Having someone to guide you with the choices you make towards better health and educating you on the why behind those choices and how they impact your body is a priceless to your future and your families health. Even as a coach with over a decade of experience I have hired professionals in the past to help guide me and hold accountability to my goals. We all know vegetables are healthy for us, whether or not we actually make that choice on our own is the question.

“The greatest wealth is health.”

FavoriteBrooke Rozmenoski