A Few of Babes Favorite Things

Before you bring home your little babe, you register for all these things you are going to need for baby and as a first time Mama. Well, I pretty much just copied the same items my friends had on their registries. How are we supposed to know what we need to keep a baby alive? There is nothing that made me feel more ill-prepared to be a parent than needing to shop for items your child will need when you come home with them.

When the little babe comes, you realize that you didn’t actually “need” 50% of what you have. Now, babies are a little different when it comes to swings they like, swaddles, sleep sacks, etc. BUT, below are the sanity saving items we LOVED for our little one (Mommy too), and also some nutritional needs to help your little babe thrive!

1.    Owlet Baby Monitor: You NEED to sleep to recover from what feels like getting hit by a truck. But, how could I sleep when all I could think about was SIDS and sticking my ear up to my baby girls mouth every 10 minutes in the hospital to make sure she was breathing? The Owlet gave me SO much reassurance at night that our little one was safe and allowed me to truly “sleep when they sleep”.

2.    Dock-a-TotI fought getting one of these after I saw the cost…for a fancy sleeping bag? Well, after crying to my husband at 2am on week 2 with a newborn from pure exhaustion and emotions running crazy – I was facebook messaging every Mama I knew near me selling one at 3am and picked one up the next day. Bonus, it is SO great for travel and transitioning from co-sleeping to their crib.

3.    MetaKids baby probiotic from Metagenics: Babes gut health is still developing in these early months as is their immunity. You know where a majority of your immunity comes from? Your gut. Probiotics help support your little one in developing a stronger immune system as well as supporting a healthy gut flora which will have SO many benefits to them as a kiddo and an adult (watch for another blog post on gut health… I could go on for days.) Anywho, 3-6 drops of this stuff in babes nightly bottle or in their mouth is all you need!

4.    Nordic Naturals baby DHA with Vitamin DWhy do I love this one? Read the ingredients list… no fake fillers to this one that are unsafe for babe and unfortunately these are pretty common to find in baby supplements.

5.    Young living Kidscents Essential Oils + Diffuser: Tummygize and sleepyize are two of my favorites. Also, some diluted thieves on her feet after being around people in the day was a life saver.

6.    Young living Seedlings line: Babes are SO sensitive to harsh chemicals (which by the way, you really shouldn’t be using as an adult either) so why not start them out with toxin free skincare you can trust and feel safe using? The seedlings line smells amazing and is by far the favorite I have tried out of the options available. Also, this plus honest brand diapers (also, AMAZING) are what I firmly believe to be the reason Lu is 8 months now with no diaper rash… EVER.

7.    Sound machine: To babe, it’s loud inside the womb, so this helps comfort your little one. Also, for sleep purposes (later post) you will want babe to have one that has the ability to run all night vs. just 30 minute max intervals. Anything with white noise kept at the sound level of a running vacuum is perfect!

8.    Zipping footed onesies: We had a girl as our first, so, you can imagine the amount of money I had to restrict myself from spending on cute outfits. The reality? Our little one lived in her footed onesies 80% of the time the first few months and grew through two sizes within 4 months. Save the money girl, get some hand me downs, or buy the cute stuff when they will stay in a size longer than 4 weeks. You’re going to spend most of your time changing blow out diapers in a rush anyways.

9.    Post-partum support: No matter what baby number this is for you, the first few weeks are ROUGH. Whether you invest in a post-partum doula or have grandparents come for a few weeks, having night time support and someone to support you through the first few weeks of breastfeeding are vital. I underestimated how hard breastfeeding really was and if it weren’t for the lactation support and a post-partum doula, I dont know where I would have been.

10.A Mama friend: Motherhood can be lonely. You will be going through CRAZY hormonal shifts, losing the independence you were used to, and be responsible for nurturing your little babe. I remember being almost two weeks into the newborn phase and calling my husband in tears to come home from work because I was so emotional and had someone attached to me 24/7. Having girlfriends who had just been through this saved my sanity (or lack thereof). Find a mommy tribe, a local group, or seek out ways to find support. You will take longer to recover from pregnancy than the “6 week check up”, and having support through this time is not only helpful for your physical recovery, but mentally as well.

Hope this helps you, Mama!