About Brooke

I am a nutrition nerd with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry. I fell in love with nutrition years ago through my own personal weight loss journey at a young age. As an adult I helped heal my gut health and thyroid conditions with lifestyle changes and nutrition.

Now after becoming a Mama, and thru the process of pregnancy and postpartum recovery, I realized how disconnected we are in supporting women’s health, hormones, fitness goals, and even just understanding our own bodies. I am on a mission to change that. I want to help cut thru the BS and educate women so we feel empowered about our health and wellness.

I am a USAW certified sports performance coach, NPTI certified personal trainer, 3D Maps certified movement specialist, and Precision nutrition level 1 certified nutrition coach, and pre/post natal specialist. Beginning an associates in Naturopathy in 2020!

I believe in education and understanding how the choices we make, products we use, and things we eat can affect our life in a positive or negative way. My services are centered around making life long habits for a healthier you. There is no one “plan” for every body. No shortcuts, no quick fixes, no BS.

Hang with me for some of my favorite recipes, products, work outs, and habits to help you live your best life!